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League Rules/Umps

2018 Updates Baseball Bat Rules for East Shore League (St. Peter Baseball)

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For the upcoming 2018 baseball season, a new bat standard has been introduced for new bats by USA Baseball.  This new standard was created to make aluminum and composite bats perform like wooden bats thus taking some of the “pop” out of the bats.  This is a new standard that is different from the past standard set by the USSSA which we have been using in the past. 

The East Shore League board of directors has had discussions on this topic and with other communities in the area.  If we entirely adopted the new bat standard then every bat presently owned by players would be instantly illegal.  The ESL board has decided not to do that and it does not appear that many other communities are going to the new standard exclusively.

East Shore Baseball Leagues (Little League, Rookies, Minors) will allow the following types of bats for the upcoming 2018 league season.

6th grade and younger (Little League, Minors, Rookies)

  1. Starting in 2018 the “New” Little league of America Certified bats will be allowed, including 2 5/8” bats as long as they are stamped with USA Baseball certification.
  2. You can continue to use the “Old” 2 ¼” bats that were previously certified by the Little League of America.

7th/8th grade - Graders

  1. BBCOR (-3 drop) bats will continue to be legal to use in the 7th and 8th grade league.  These bats also are set to function like wooden bats with less “pop” but and required at the high school level.
  2. 2 ¼” bats will remain legal as in 2017.

SPAC Umpires

Cell Minors Little League Graders Girls Comments
Blake Bauer 920-904-5959 X X X HS Senior, More avail after June 1
Steven Braatz 920-979-8832 X X X Avail 5/22, WIAA, Own gear
Luke Gellings 920-979-5853 X X X Avail end of May, WIAA, Own gear
Jonah Duwell 920-960-6542 X X X HS Fresh, experienced ump
Noah Sabel 920-933-7485 X X X HS Soph, Prefer bases
Ricky Stoegbauer 920-251-8934 X X X HS Senior
Austin Clark 920-979-5782 X X If needed X WIAA, HS Soph
Zach Wilson 920-251-9730 X X X
Ethan Duwell 920-602-2071 X X X Experienced ump
Roman Skorupa 920-979-8187 X X HS Freshmen
Benton Deanovich 920-251-7386 X X X Seniors player, experienced ump
Jackson Voight 920-904-5794 X X X Seniors player, experienced ump
TJ Draves 920-251-5551 X X X X
Brian Timm X
Kyle Pelz X X X

Umpire Fees



Age Recommendation




Ages 14+


Plate=$25, Base=$20


Ages 16+


Plate=$30, Base=$25


Ages 18+

Primarily Thurs/Wed



Age 18+ WIAA



Girls B

Ages 14+

Sunday afternoons

Plate=$25, Base=$20

Girls A

Ages 16+

Sunday afternoons

Plate=$30, Base=$25